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Koh Lanta Sport & Activities

There are two primary activities on Lanta: scuba diving and snorkelling, and lounging about. There is no wild night scene, no cinemas or discos. There is plenty of beach, sushine and friendly folk. 

If you feel energetic you can hike into the hills. Old Lanta Town, a traditional fishing village on the eastern side of the island, is definitely worth a visit. Check out mangrove forests and neighbouring islands by hiring a longtail boat. If you’re a sailor there are some good anchorages here.

Lanta  Activities
Apart from basking and lolling in the midst of serene beaches, there are other activities that will work your energy out and give you the dynamic feeling.
is one of the most popular activities in Koh Lanta. Since the island possesses many islands, each of which offers the magnificent underwater paradise, there is a day or a few-day-trip for snorkeling on the scattering islands. The most popular destination for snorkeling is Koh Rok, the beautiful island within the Koh Lanta National Marine Park. The island is famed for its abundant and colorful coral beds and breathtaking panorama.

Koh Lanta is closed to many popular diving sites in Andaman Sea such as Hin Daeng-Hin Muang and Koh Ha, and etc. There are many diving shops and diving center available on the island.

is another good experience in exploring the green land on Koh Lanta. You can sit on the elephant back to the viewpoint or the waterfall.

Sea kayak or canoe:
This is also the best way to explore the scenic beauty of the island. You will closely get in touch with the nature by paddling through the mangrove forest, the towering cliff and enter the caves which appear only when the water level is low. You can enjoy kayaking and canoeing in such wonderful scenery on Koh Talabeng near Lanta.

Three different kinds of fishing trip are offered by private long tail boat: half-day, full day and night fishing. The usual catch is Barracuda and White and Red Snapper among other sorts.
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