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Krabi Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Outdoor Activities in Railay Beach
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Rock Climbing at Railay Beach The limestone cliffs of Railay Beach are a remarkable scenic highlight

This rock-climbing package takes you up those grand cliffs to the beautiful views up top – whether you’re experienced on rock faces or this is your first time climbing. Get personalized coaching tailored to your skills and experience level on these small-group experiences. Tackle these cliffs, climb as high as you can, and savor the views of Railay Beach and the Andaman Sea beyond.

  • Try your hand at a range of climbing styles, including abseiling and bouldering.

  • As long as you want on the cliffs: choose from half-day or full-day experiences.

  • All equipment provided and fitted on arrival, with no hidden hire costs.

  • Convenient round-trip transfers provided from hotels in the Krabi area.

Rock Climbing at Railay Beach Krabi
Rock Climbing at Railay Beach Krabi
Rock Climbing at Railay Beach Krabi

What You Can Expect from Rock Climbing at Railay Beach Krabi

“Railay beach” has beautiful nature, surrounded by limestone mountains. The green seawater with white sand beach stretch to the skyline and the cliff area is the best location for rock climbing. The Railay beach has two sides, east and west side. The more challenging rock climbers are suitable for the East cliff because it has a proper height of limestone cliff and several climbing trails, ranging from easy to difficult trails. So, climbers can choose their own choices. This climbing program is suitable for all rock climbers who love exciting and challenging moments.


The trainers here will suggest the climbing techniques, equipment using guidance, and the demonstration of roping styles for safety. The instructor-trainer will start the course with a basic cliff climber where he/she will assign the climbing location, providing the secured rope. Thus, safety is guaranteed at all times here. When you are ready, we encourage you to climb as high as you can. If you have the courage, you will see the high view, panorama view of the Railay beach, Andaman sea, and Pranang beach at the same time. Recording these impressive and proud moments in your memories forever. If you would like to learn cliff climbing, professionally, you may be interested in an offered short course cliff climbing for 1 to 3 days Course.

Krabi Rock Climbing

Tour available on:





9AM – 1PM

2PM – 5:30PM

Adult: 1,500 THB

  • Insurance

  • Water
    (Must bring own bottle)

  • Equipment

Full Day

9AM –  5:00PM

Adult: 5,500 THB

  • Lunch

  • Water

  • Insurance

  • Option to Rappel from

  • Cave 

  • A Private Guide

climbing cave viewpoint
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