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Khlong Nam Sai And Khlong Ru

Located in the area of Ban Laem Son, Tambon Nong Thale. Khlong Nam Sai is a small freshwater canal. The water source is caused by natural springs beneath the soil surface in the midst of a quiet community forest. The water in the canal is very clear, especially when the sunlight is reflected, the water will be emerald green. At some points, the sand can be clearly seen under the water, and it is also possible to swim at some points. The downstream of Khlong Nam Sai connects to Khlong Rut, which is another popular spot for tourists and locals to swim. To visit and go swimming at Khlong Nam Sai and Khlong Rut, the most convenient and enjoyable way is to kayak to the point of the watershed. As such, there are several kayak rental points in the Ban Laem Som area.


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