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Tham Klang is one of the most beautiful caves in Ao Luek District, Krabi Province,
because among cave explorers it is said that There is beauty at the top of Asia, characterized by caves under small limestone mountains, with as many as 13 caves, and the depth of the cave is approximately 1,200 meters, each cave has a different distinctive point.

Especially stalagmite There are many cave floors, including more than a thousand coffee tube-shaped quartz stones. White coral quartz stone and beautiful golden stalactite curtain. In addition, Tham Klang also has twin caves next to it. together as a cave with water flowing through from one side to the other side of the mountain as well

History of

Tham Klang

Tham Klang, formerly known as Tham Klang, refers to a type of fish that is abundant in the basin in front of the cave. and in this cave Until the year In 1987, Mr. Poonsak Khansai and the villagers went to explore the cave. and discovered that in the cave there are many complete stalagmites and stalactites And there is a path that can penetrate to the other side of the mountain. So it took about 3 months to explore and later it was opened as a tourist attraction.

Going to visit Tham Klang is not easy because it requires an entrance leader to take you to visit. As the route is dark, deep and complex, and the interior is divided into more than 13 halls, it takes 1-2 hours to explore. But if anyone who doesn't want to go to explore the cave just to visit it. Reaching only the first 3 rooms, it can be called complete. and saw enough beautiful cav

Cave Tour Krabi Miracle at Krabi Klang Cave  Based Tour

Join group

Adult: 2,700 THB
Child: 1,600 THB

6,000 THB

Maximum 6 people

A local guide who specializes in cave exploration, Insurance,  Round trip transfers
We provide lamps, (our gear must be used)  You will get muddy, so please dress appropriately

Tour available on:


Pickup: 08:00 – 08:30 AM
Return: 1:00 PM

Deposit available!
Pay deposit as confirmation 50%, the rest of payment pay by cash on tour date!

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