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Ban Laem Sak Tourism Community

Located in Tambon Laem Sak and is a community that combines 3 cultures: Buddhist, Chinese, and Muslim. It is outstanding in terms of atural attractions. The sea that surrounds Laem Sak is called “Thale Nai” because there are mountains in the middle of the sea that surround another long line to protect the monsoon and windy waves on all sides. This allows visitors to come to Ban Laem Sak all-year round. Interesting tourism activities include experiencing the way of life of the villagers, local fishing, watching fish farming in the cages, lobster farming, cultivation of grape algae, walking through the mangrove forest at Khao Chang Mop, taking a boat trip to Chao Le Cave and different islands, trying shrimp paste fried rice that is the famous food of the community, and supporting and trying on the Baba Yaya costume that is the local dress of the villagers. There are both resort and homestay accommodation on the island for tourists.


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