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There are the activities for the clients who are in Krabi Area

Best selling tours in Krabi, Excursions & Activities
Local Krabi Agent, All budgets. Let us tailor make your trip

4 ISLANDS Krabi Tour ​Full Day

Krabi Tour
​Full Day

4 Islands are the most convenient, easiest and cheapest way to get a true idea of what a tropical Island

from ฿900

Phang Nga Bay Tour

Phang-nga Bay
​James Bond Island
Full Day

Visit James Bond Island, the famous filming location of blockbuster movie "The Man with the Golden Gun

from ฿2,000

White Water
Full day

Experience the thrill of white-water rafting in the heart of the jungle just 1.5 hours from Khao Lak. Extend your adventure 

from ฿2,500

White Water Rafting Full day
Klang Caves Explorer



Phi Phi Island Tour

Phi Phi Island Tour

You'll have time to snorkel and just soak in the glorious views. The coral reefs at Phi Phi Islands are very close to the beach so you can just snorkel 

from ฿1,700

Kayaking  Bor Thor Caves

Bor Thor Caves

One of the best kayaking area of Krabi Province. Visit the famous Bor Thor sea caves: Tam Lod and Tam Pee Hua To with ancient paintings and archaeological artifacts. 

from ฿1,700

Emerald Pool & Hot Springs

Emerald Pool
& Hot Springs

This is one of our top suggestions for things you should do in Krabi, Thailand and the number one recommendation for enjoying the underground natural springs that flourish in Krabi province.

from ฿1,500

Sun Set Krabi 7 Island Tour

Full Day Trip Krabi
Sunset Tour

Get to know these 7 significant islands in South Andaman sea just off the coast of Krabi where you can enjoy

from ฿1500

Krabi Fishing

Full Day Trip

Private fishing boat Charter
Local Islands, Koh Phi Phi and Bamboo Island
8 Hour – Full Day 

from ฿16,000

bioluminescent Krabi Tour

Swim in the glowing Krabi

The Bioluminescent planktons are amazing to see during the night of the new moon. So, if you are planning to visit Ton Sai beach

from ฿9,200


Krabi Bicycle Tour

Traveling by bicycle is a great way to appreciate and preserve Krabi’s amazing countryside.

Elephant Care

Krabi Half Day Tour
Elephant Sanctuary

Visits to an elephant sanctuary is a unique and unforgettable experience that gives visitors a deeper understanding and appreciation of these magnificent animals.

from ฿2,500

AtV Krabi Tour


Enjoy adventurous Krabi ATV tour in, while passing plantations in the beautiful jungle forest.

from ฿1,700

Adventure Tour


Enjoy adventurous Water Rafting, Elephant Trekking and Krabi ATV tour in, while passing plantations in the beautiful jungle forest.

from ฿2,900

Krabi Elephant Trekking

Krabi Elephant

Your elephant trek will take you along a river running through the camp and into the forest at the foot of the mountain.

from ฿900

Krabi Elephant Bathing

Krabi Elephant

Bathe With Me's Itineraries
elephant bathing experience at Krabi Elephant Shelter. Swim, bathe, and shower with the friendly elephants at this ethical sanctuary.

from ฿1,500

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Karst Climbing offers guided rock climbing trips and courses led by trained instructors around Krabi

from ฿1,500

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