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Scuba Diving in Aonang Krabi

Known for its lush mangrove forests, rugged limestone cliffs and idyllic offshore islands Krabi has emerged as one of the most popular diving destinations in the region. Spectacular rock formations combined with warm waters attract leopard and blacktip reef sharks year round.

Boulders of various sizes form the building blocks which the reefs cling to. Scuba diving in Krabi offers various exciting swim-throughs to test out your trim, with huge groupers guarding the entrances.

Vertical walls are adorned with curtains of over 80 species of coral which descend into the depths. With over 200 species to spot from rays, turtles and moray eels to goatfish, passing mantas and the occasional whale shark, diving in Krabi offers something for everyone.

Full Day Trip Diving in Krabi

  • *5 diseases that activities should be avoided Ear disease or problems with the balance system For diving

    "ear pain" is probably a common condition, Lung disease (flatulence), Asthma, Heart disease, Atrial septal leak (PFO)

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