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Poda Island Koh is the largest of all the four islets in Poday Group Islands. In the east

Near Rai Leh, there are a few islands with white sandy beaches, beautiful coral reefs and crystal clear water. Koh Poda and Kai are the closest islands.

You can play Globo Surf and can be easily traveled by longtail boat

(from Ao Nang, Rai Leh or Phra Nang Beach

Koh Poda is a small limestone island 25 minutes by boat from the beaches of the Raileh peninsular (which can be seen on the horizon in the photograph). The circular island is no more than a kilometre in diameter, covered in palm trees and almost entirely encircled by a soft white sand beach.

A coral reef lies 20 metres offshore, and the combination of scenery, beach and excellent snorkelling make it one of my favourite places to spend a lazy day in this part of the world.

There is some accomodation in Koh Poda (bungalows), although it's quite pricey. Koh Poda is an Island and is approx. 30mins by Longtail Boat ride from Ao Nang Beach. Chicken island got its name from a bizarre rock formation which resembles the head of a chicken. One end of the island consists of steep cliffs, while the other end has beautiful beaches along a peninsula. This peninsula gets flooded at high tide, creating a small island. There is no accomodation on Chicken island.

30 minutes in a longtail boat from Raileh is a group of limestone islands which are incredibly beautiful, with great beaches, reefs which are still reasonable (but not as good as around Koh Phi Phi), but can get very busy, particuarly during the main tourist season.

Our advice: go in the rainy season - it's quieter, cheaper and you may even feel like you're on a deserted tropical island.

Location: Around 8km away from Ao Nang shore.

Mu Koh Poda or Poda Group Islands is under the administration of Haad Noppharat Thara-Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. The Group Islands consist of Koh Poda, Koh Kai, Koh Mo and Koh Thap. They are currently popular destinations that can be reached by a rented boat from Ao Nang. Abundant and colorful coral reefs and the wonderful marine world make these islands ideal for diving and snorkeling.Moreover, when the water level gets low, Koh Kai, Koh Mo and Koh Tap, the three isles in this Group Islands will reveal and amazing sight of a white, fine sand bar that links the three isles together. This is a very pupular attraction ones should not miss if visiting Krabi sea.

Apart from the beaches in the east and the north, in the middle of the cape backed by limestone mountains in the west is also small and very peaceful bay.In the middle of Koh Poda, there is a pathway to the back beach which will also passes the one and only resort of the island, Poda Island Resort.

The northern beach of Koh Poda extends further from the eastern beach. In the middle of the sea here is a small limestone-based island which is a unique feature of Koh Poda.

The eastern beach of Koh Poda is the longest one; it is nice for swimming and sungathing, as well as making a stroll to as far as the small bay in the wetern side of the island.

Koh Poda Attractions

Koh Poda: Koh Poda is the largest of all the four islets in Poday Group Islands. In the east, there is a one-kilometer-long sandy beach shady with rows of pine trees. The sea is exceptionally clean, clear and suitale for swimming whereas the beach is nice for sunbathing. Visitors may also enjoy snorkeling in the north and the east of the island, or kayaking along the beahc very well.

Koh Kai: Koh Kai is also called Koh Hua Khawan or Koh Poda Nok. The rock shaped like a rooster on the limestone moutain at Koh Kai is the symbol of Krabi sea. Apart from the beauty on the land, Koh Kai also has plenty of coral reefs to apprecitate in the west of the island.


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