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Besides the world famous Koh Phi Phi and its Maya Bay, Krabi houses numerous natural beauty hidden among its lush forest. Spare at least some three days if you want to explore Krabu’s inland attractions.

One of the best place to see the real face of Krabi is to from Khao Ngon Nak view Point. Located about a 30-minute-drive north of Ao Nang, the mountain offers many viewpoints and a waterfall along the hiking trail. At the peak of Khao Ngon Nak, you will be simply impressed with green picturesque valley interrupted with towering limestone cliffs and Rivers that run into the Andaman sea.

Spend a night in Krabi town can be a lively time. The town houses a number of yummy restaurants, Food stalls, and accommodations that dramatically cheaper than at the Beaches.

Head north of Krabi town to Ao Luk. You will be amazed with emerald green ponds that cascades out of a subterranean River in Than Bok Khorani national park. A bit closer to Krabi town is

Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam, or “Two Water Canal”, which will keep you stunned with its clean canal that runs through a mangrove forest. Crystal-clear stream pours off a nearby limestone mountain, mixing with seawater and runs into the sea. Though it is quite tempting to swim, this may damage the fragile ecology. However, tourists are allow to dip in a designated area.

If you want to spend a night on the Beach, abundant resorts at Ao Nang or Hat Nopparat Thara national park are available.

Wake up to find yourself among Krabi’s spectacular sea. Enjoying the Beach with backdrop of towering limestone cliff of Ao Nang or explore the nearby peaceful Koh Hong archipelago. You will love Krabi’s quiet side.


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