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Nestled in a peaceful corner close to the famous Ao Nang of Krabi province, Ban Na Teen is a hub of Local craftsmanship.

After a boom in coconut plantation a few decades ago, there was an enormous surplus in coconut shells after harvest time. A Group of Local youth has attempted to utilize these natural materials, until receiving the government’s support to establish a coconut handicraft working Group in 1988.

Stop by the Village, and you will be amazed by a great variety of stuff made from coconut shells. From simple spoons, coffee mugs, necklaces, carved key chains, hairpins, to decoration pieces for your home. Their minimalist designs make them Cool souvenirs.

Besides the coconut shell handicrafts, Ban Na Teen is also famed for its colorful batik garments, traditional paper and pineapple fiber which are raw materials used in various crafts.

Despite the rapid growth of tourism in Krabi, the Islamic Village of Ban Na Teen has managed to preserve its traditional ways. People continue to make their living from rubber plantation and fishery. Kids go to an Islamic school.

Spend one or two nights stay in the Village, and you will get a chance to know this peaceful community. Travelers can try cutting the rubber trees for its latex, exploring the orchards for fresh tropical fruits, biking around the village, trying Local delicacies, practicing Muay Thai, or carving out miniature “Rua Hua Thong” which is the local long-tailed Boat of Krabi.

Get a glimpse of this craft community, it may be a new chapter of your excursion to Krabi.


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