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🌿✨ Experience an extraordinary stay on a floating raft at Cheow Lan Lake, Surat Thani! 🌊🏞️

📍 **Location**: Klong ka raft house Cheow Lan Lake, Surat Thani Province

- Private rooms with en-suite bathrooms separated by glass walls for utmost privacy

- Each room accommodates 2 guests with options of 2 double-bed rooms and 4 single-bed rooms, all equipped with fans

- Bamboo rooms with split bamboo walls and thatched roofs, equipped with fans, accommodating 2-3 guests with 3 bedding arrangements

🌅 **Highlights**:

- Stunning views of the lake and mountains, reminiscent of a painting

- Private rear balconies for personal relaxation and wide front views for morning atmosphere

- Enjoy activities like kayaking, swimming, or hiking to immerse yourself in the serene and refreshing nature

🌟 **Why Choose Us**:

- Peaceful and private atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and escaping the hustle and bustle

- Rooms designed with attention to detail for maximum comfort

Recharge your life with a relaxing stay close to nature and tranquility at Cheow Lan Lake with us! 🌳💚


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