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Best Thai Food Restaurants in Krabi.IF you are serious about Thai food, this is the place to come.

In addition to the famed street stalls and markets, you’ll find some truly amazing restaurants - at a fraction of the prices found on the beach.

The Frog and Catfish Restaurant Come and enjoy lunch and dinner in the restaurant, choose your favourite food from our extensive menu of traditional and local Thai dishes. We also serve a small but quality Western menu. So if you’re taste buds require a rest, then try a delicious fillet steak or even fish and chips, Frog and Catfish style.

Ruen Mai on Maharat Rd, despite stiff competition (see below), continues to hold its well-deserved crown of best Thai restaurant in Krabi. Using only the highest quality ingredients, each dish is a carefully crafted blend of flavours, that is guaranteed to please. There’s a vast menu, with many southern Thai specialities and the restaurant itself is set outdoors in a pretty garden, making dining a special occasion day or night.

Ruan Tip Excellent restaurant featuring a traditional Thai menu (try its delicious smoked crispy leg of pork, prawn beignets or crab curry) as well as its own innovations - the spicy Ruan Tip salad, with lansa fruit, cashew nuts and crispy dried seaperch is a must. Live music every night plus good service and an upm

arket local crowd seal this restaurant’s position in our top ten

Bai Toey Pleasant dining room on the banks of the Krabi River provides good, reliable Thai cuisine, only a short walk from the old pier on Khong Kha Rd. Try the clams stir fried in sweet chilli paste and basil (hawy waan pat nam phrik pao) or the strange-sounding but excellent squid stir-fried with salted eggs - there’s plenty of dishes you won’t find on a tourist Thai menu


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