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Lanta Transfer Service

1) From Krabi province, there are many boats leaving daily from the Chaofa Ship-berth in Krabi Town. The journey takes 2 and half hours.

2) From Phuket, you can take a shuttle boat "Phuket-Phi Phi" departing from Phuket Pier at 08.30 hrs and than take a shuttle boat "Phi Phi-Lanta". Another way is to take a bus or van "Phuket-Krabi" and take a boat at Chaofa Pier in Krabi town to Lanta.




Transfer Rate 2010
from Krabi International Airport to anywhere
we are service more than 3,500 guests per year for guaruntee
From To Price per way
Krabi Airport Koh Lanta Pier 3,500 baht

Please call now 24 hrs


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Getting around

To go hopping between offshore islands, you can hire a boat from Saladan Village. To get around Koh Lanta, motorbike or bike seems to be the best way. There are several motorbike and bike rentals at Saladan as wel

By air:

Bangkok - Krabi


Krabi - Bangkok

Airline Flight No. Dep. Arr. Days   Flight No. Dep. Arr. Days One way Baht Round trip Baht
Thai Airways TG 248 08.10 09.30 Daily   TG 249 10.10 11.30 Daily 2,120 - 2,920 4240 - 5840
PB Air 9Q36 15.40 17.05 1 3 5 7   9Q37 17.35 19.00 1 3 5 7 2,120 4,240

Days: 1 - Monday, 2 - Tuesday, 3 - Wednesday, 4 - Thursday, 5 - Friday, 6 - Saturday, 7 - Sunday

By car:

From Bangkok take Route 4 passing Petchburi, Prajuab-Kirikan, Chumporn, Ranong, and Phang-nga Provinces before reaching Krabi; a total distance of 946 kilometers. An alternate route is to take Route 4 to Chumpom and then tum onto Route 4L. This leads through Lang Suan District of Chumpom to Chaiya and Wieng San Districts of Surat Thani; from there follow Route 4035 passing Ao Lur District of Krabi, back onto Route 4, and down to Krabi Town. This shortcut is just 814 kilometers, and is followed by the bus services from Bangkok. For information regarding bus transport, contact tel. (02)435 1195-6 (non-air conditioned buses);or tel. (02)435 1200(air conditioned buses).
From Phuket Take Route 402 to Route 4 and pass Tambon Koto Kloy of Takua Tung District in Phang-nga; Tap Puhd District, Phang-nga; and enter Ao Lur District of Krabi; the total distance is 185 kilometers. Regarding bus transport, tel.(076) 211 480.

By train:

From Bangkok Station take the train to one of the following stations: Trang, Putt Pin in Surathani Province, or Tung Song in Nakorn Sri Thammarat Province; from any of these places a bus may be taken onward to Krabi. Regarding train schedules and costs, contact the travel office of State Railway of Thailand, tel.(02)223 7010

By boat: 

There are ferry services from Phuket (via Phi Phi) or you can hire longtail boat everyday.
To get around Ko Lanta you'll have to rent a motorbike and this can be done at most resort counters. 
Make sure that you are familiar with the vehicle, test the brakes, the lights and horn and remember to drive carefully when you pass through or by villages and schools. 
The Island has a population of approx. 20,000 people. The Community is a mixture of local muslims & northern Buddhist. 
The northern Thai's have come to the Island to work in the tourism industry. Most of the muslim community earn their living from fishing, prawn farming and rubber plantations whereas the local trade, especially in Saladan is predominantly under the control of Thai's from Chinese descent. 

How to get to Koh Lanta

 By boat

Departure Arrival
Phi Phi Island Koh Lanta 11.30 AM. 13.00 PM.

14.00 PM.

15.30 PM.

Koh Lanta Phi Phi Island 08.00 AM. 09.30 AM.
13.00 PM. 14.30 PM.
Krabi Koh Lanta 10.30 AM. 12.30 PM
13.30 PM. 15.30 PM
Koh Lanta Krabi 08.00 AM. 10.00 AM.
13.00 PM. 15.00 PM.
Phuket Phi Phi island 08.00 AM. 09.30 AM
Phi Phi Island Phuket 13.30 PM. 15.00 PM

By Mini Van + Ferry

Krabi - Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta -  Krabi

Thai Air Lines Daily flight from Bangkok to Krabi

Flight Schedule click here

Departure Arrival Departure Arrival
10.30 AM. 12.30 PM. 07.30 AM. 09.30 AM.
13.30 PM. 15.30 PM. 08.00 AM. 10.00 AM.
16.00 PM. 18.00 PM 13.00 PM. 15.00 PM.


Until recently limited access has been the major restraining factor in the growth of Krabi's tourism industry. The nearest airport was 155km to the east in Phuket and the drive on what is a rather basic road took a good two hours. But all of that has changed with the opening of Krabi Airport (see issue7). Now the problem is no longer access rather accommodation. Currently Karbi has a total of 5,000 hotel bedrooms of which 3,000 are in the three to five star category. Several resorts are working flat out to be complete and open for the start of the high season in November as 1,000 bedrooms extra bedrooms are already fully booked and paid for by major Travel Agents allocation.

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