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Krabi Tours-Day Trips

Krabi is a wonderland. Over the years it has grown in popularity, attracting visitors due to its unspoilt natural landscape that has the advantage of beautiful attractions both on land and offshore. Tours around the area generally take in some of the truly beautiful islands and usually feature a combination of destinations.

Krabi 4-Island Tour
Set out across the Andaman Sea for a day-long tour of Krabi’s ‘4 Islands,’ and watch the tide uncover the slender spits that join the jungle isles. Explore the sinuous coastline by speedboat or traditional longtail, and leave the day’s first footprints on fine, powdery beaches. Snorkel in a sheltered lagoon, linger in the swaying shade of coconut palms, and enjoy a picnic lunch on a pristine beach. Stroll between Tup Islets and Chicken Island, then cast off again toward fantastical rock formations that soar above the tropical sea.

Price By Long Tail Boat : Adult 650THB, Child (3-11years) 300 THB
Price By Speed Boat  Adult 980 THB, Child (3-11years) 800 THB


Hong Island Tour  by Speedboat
Travel by speedboat to the Koh Hong Archipelago, a small chain of four islands in a National Marine Park set against Phang Nga Bay. Visit the sheltered cove of Koh Lading, snorkel around the limestone karst called Koh Daen, see the impressive sandbanks of Koh Pakbia and explore the main island of Koh Hong. If you select the kayaking option, paddle into its hidden lagoon.

Price:  Adult 1700 THB, Child (3-11years)::1200 THB


7 Islands snorkel Sunset Tour
Enjoy island hopping to the 7 paradise islands surrounding Ao Nang. Relax on unspoiled beaches, swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters and explore the amazing coral reefs and marine life of the Andaman Sea in Krabi.
Price By Long Tail Boat : Adult 1000THB, Child (3-11years) 850 THB

Phi Phi Island Tours by Speedboat Pick up from Krabi
Duration : 08:00 - 16:00
Pack your swimsuit for a speedboat ride from Krabi to Koh Phi Phi for a tour of Thailand’s most beautiful and well-known islands, and spend the day relaxing at this popular destination. In one hour you’re whisked away to the Phi Phi islands so you have more time to relax on some of the finest beaches in the Andaman Sea.

Price Adult 1700 THB, Child (3-11years):1200 THB/pax
Price 25,500 THB by Private Speedboat ( 2 Engines)

1. Our trip are not recommended for pregnant woman.
2. The Trip not includes National Park Fee (Pay direct to National Park Staff at the island)

Phi Phi Island Tours by Speedboat
Pick up from Phi Phi ( Tonsai Pier)
Duration : 10:00 - 16:00
The best way to see the Islands of Koh Phi-Phi in style!
This tour offers the most destinations in one day, due to how quickly this boat can travel it means you will only have a few minutes on the boat between each stop! You will see almost everything Koh Phi Phi has to offer all in one tour!

Price Adult 1900 THB, Child (3-11years):1700 THB/pax

1. Our trip are not recommended for pregnant woman.
2. The Trip includes National Park Fee

Phi Phi Island Tours Half day
by Speedboat

Pick up from Phi Phi ( Tonsai Pier)

This large double decked boat is a perfect mix of comfort, adventure and value for money. Leaving early in the morning giving you the best chance to arrive on Maya Bay beach without too many day trippers joining us. The larger style of boat allows for the most comfort during the tour with on board toilets and serving area for complimentary tea, coffee and drinking water.

Price Adult 900 THB, Child (3-11years):700 THB/pax

1. Our trip are not recommended for pregnant woman.
2. The Trip includes National Park Fee

Maya Bay Sunset by Big Boat
Pick up from Phi Phi ( Tonsai Pier)

Enjoy an afternoon to remember on the large twin decked Phi Phi Sunset boat. Kick back and relax on the open top deck and soak up the sunshine as we travel around the picturesque Koh Phi Phi Leh.

Price Adult 900 THB, Child (3-11years):700 THB/pax

1. Our trip are not recommended for pregnant woman.
2. The Trip includes National Park Fee

James Bond  Tour
Duration : 08:00 - 16:00
Explore Phang Nga Bay on a full-day speedboat tour from Krabi. Visit the beach on James Bond Island (Khao Phing Kan), then zip over to Lot Noi Cave at Thalu Island. Have the option to upgrade for a kayak tour of the sea caves before taking a lunch break at a Muslim fishing village on Panyee Island., then return to Krabi after a day in paradise.

James Bond Island +Canoe by Speedboat
Price:  Adults 2300 THB/pax ,Child 1800THB/pax

James Bond Island by Longtail Boat
Price:  Adults 1600 THB/pax ,Child 1200THB/pax


Sunset Kayaking
Duration : 15:00 - 20:00
Besides kayaking through one of the most beautiful landscape for sunset experience in Krabi, a BBQ dinner on a private beach will be waiting for you

Pick up time 3 PM
Price: Adult 1500 THB, Child (3-11years):1200 THB

Sea Kayak Tours
Duration : 08:00 - 16:00

Full-day tour from Krabi with snorkeling and optional kayaking. Slip between towering limestone walls that shelter Hong Lagoon, then slide into the water to snorkel over shallow reefs and brilliant fish. Eat lunch on a pristine beach and paddle along the sinuous coastline, where soaring cliffs and lush vegetation join the Andaman Sea. Discover every nook and cranny of Hong Island’s stunning bays, or simply bask on the shores and watch for Monitor Lizards, White-Faced Gibbons and brilliant tropical birds

Kayak Ao Tha Lane
Price: Adult 1400 THB, Child (3-11years):1000 THB

Krabi City and Temples Half Day Tour
We would like to introduce you to see all the highlight pictures in this program and read all itinerary detail and submit the booking for more value holiday in Krabi.

Price: Adult 1,300THB. (Minimum 2 persons)   Child  1,300 THB.


Waterfall Tour

Huay Tho Waterfall (Full Day)

Price: Adult 1500 THB, Child (4-12years)::800 THB

Huay Sa Khe Waterfall (Full Day)

Price: Adult 900 THB, Child (4-12years)::500 THB




Unseen Krabi
Emerald Pool & Hot Spring Waterfall

Visit Emerald Pool, swimming and relaxing in the nature bath. Crystal Lake. The water from somewhere come to the lake. It makes very clear crystal water nature Pool amid the forest. Visit Hot Spring Waterfall, enjoy and relax in the hot water. so good for your health, if you dare enough to take a bath.

Price: Adult 1400 THB, Child (4-12years)::1200 THB

Jungle Tours
Explore the jungle landscape of Khao Nor Chu Chi National Park on a full-day adventure tour from Krabi that combines wild nature with local culture. Soak in thermal springs surrounded by thick rainforest, visit a rubber plantation, then climb the 1,272 steps to Tiger Cave Temple, or Wat Tham Suea, a temple complex that sprawls through a maze of caves. This 7-hour tour includes round-trip transport from Krabi beach hotels and a box lunch.

Jungle Tour :: Full Day

Price: Adult 1500 THB, Child (3-11years)::900 THB


Price: Adult 1900 THB, Child (3-11years )::1200 THB


Elephant Trek
Our professional guides will take you down the beautiful Tonpariwat wildlife sanctuary river & you can enjoy breathtaking views, but be warned, be prepared to get very wet!

Elephant Trek 1hr
Price: Adult 800 THB, Child :500 THB

Elephant Trek (program B *half day)
Price: Adult 1700 THB, Child (4-12years)::1150 THB

River Rafting
Choose your action-packed outdoor adventure on a guided day trip to Phang Nga province from Krabi. Go white-water rafting down 3 miles (5 km) of the Songprak River, which boasts Class II to IV rapids. Those with prior rafting experience can extend their trip to 5 miles (9 km). Add on optional ATV (quad bike) to make your day of adrenaline thrills complete.
Rafting 5Kms
Price:  Adult:THB 1,700
Rafting 5Kms+Elephant Trek 30mins
Price: Adult:THB 1,900
Rafting 7Kms
Price:  Adult:THB 2,200
Rafting 5 Km. & Elephant Trekking 15 mins
 & ATV 15 mins

Price:  Adult:THB 2,100
Rafting 5Kms+ ATV 1 Hours + Elephant Trek 30 min
Price:  Adult:THB 3,600

Khao Sok Chiaw lan Lake
The day tour is perfect for an insight into the Khao Sok to get, and this without having to wander.
Join us in the Khao Sok National Park for elephant rides and explore the Sok River by canoe. The stunning jungle scenery is an experience you will never forget!

Khao Sok 1 day
Price: Adult:2800THB/pax, Child 1800THB/pax
Price: Adult:5500THB/pax, Child 4500THB/pax

Khao Sok- Chiao Lan Lake 2 days1 Night

Price: Adult:6900THB/pax, Child 5100THB/pax


Rock Climbing Tour
Get the perfect introduction to Krabi’s limestone on a half-day rock climbing tour at Railay Beach. Learn belay techniques and basic safety from an expert guide, then use a secure top rope to practice your skills on cliffs above Railay and Phra Nang. Work with a small group to scale routes that range from beginner to intermediate, and challenge yourself to take on some of the world’s most scenic rock.

Price: Half Day : 1500 baht
Price: Full Day : 2500 baht
Price: 3 Day Course : 7200 baht

Thai Cooking Class
Learn how to cook Thai dishes during a 3- to 5-hour cooking class in Krabi. In a traditional home-style setting, you'll receive hands-on instruction, plus learn about Thai spices and how to use them in some of the country's most popular dishes. Hotel pickup and drop-off included. Select your preferred menu and time of day when booking.

Morning (9am-1pm)  
Price: 1300 baht
Afternoon (2pm-6pm) 
Price: 1300 baht
Dinning (5pm-9pm)
 Price: 1500 baht
Full Day : (9am-6pm) 
 Price: 2500 baht

Fishing Tours
The joy of landing a huge catch, what is commonly called ‘a big one’ is immense and the joy of taking a photo snap with the big one in your hands is even greater.
Fishing on day:
3500/pax (October-March)

Fishing & Snorkeling by Longtail Boat
Price:  2200/pax
Fishing Private Boat 
17000 THB

Biking Tour
This tour is designed for sightseeing around Ao-nang region and to learn about the local area with your local guide.

Half Day Cycling
Price: 2300
FullDay Cycling
Price: 3500

Krabi River tours
Take a ride along Krabi River and explore caves, mangrove forests, wildlife, fisherman's village, watching sunset and star gazing in the heart of Krabi.

PRIVATE by long tail boat
Price: 2500/pax


Tiger Cave Wat Tham Sua
Tiger Cave Temple(Half Day)
Price: Adult 1700 THB, Child ::1000 THB

Tiger Cave Private  Taxi RT from Ao Nang 3hr
Price: 2300 THB

ATV Adventure
For driving adventure, take a ride on an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle, also known as a quad bike).

ATV 1 Hours
 Price: 1,400 THB
ATV 2 Hours
 Price:2,400 THB
ATV3 Hours
 Price:5,500 THB

Diving courses, day trips and even liveaboard excursions are all offered. Sightseeing tours are also very popular with plenty of oppurtunities to enjoy the wonderful scenery or to visit the local islands and beaches. Hot springs, temples and caves are also visited. Slightly more energetic activities include rock climbing on Railae beach and sea kayaking.

Thai Massage
  • Thai Massage (90mins)
  • Foot Massage (60mins)
  • Oil Massage(Aroma Therapy) (90mins)
  • Herbal Scrub (60mins)
  • Hot Compress (90mins)


**All tours include licensed tour guide
*** All prices not includes National Park fee
****Transfers to and from hotel/resort included in price for guest staying in Ao Nang & Krabitown & Ao nam Mao. Guest staying on Railay and Tonsai beach must arrange transfer to Ao Nang Pier or Ao Nam Mao by themselves. Ao Nang Village is where tour operators will pickup/return guest staying at Railay Beach.

Our Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made in writing (not sms). Notice of cancellation is not effective until received by the Company and must be made during office hours and do not include weekends or public holidays. The following fees apply to each individual person on cancellation:

Day Tours:
2 days and over.... No fees
Less than 1 days.....will incur a 100% cancellation fee regardless of circumstances.

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