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Team building activities in Krabi Krabi as your team building and MICE destination
Team building games


An experienced facilitator will introduce these team building games which have been designed as metaphors for business issues.  The perfect structure to a team building day consists of a number of these games with each team "having a go" at each challenge, on completion of the games the teams are debriefed and their experiences, positively linked to their work. Later in the day it is good for the teams to relax and have fun with a comination of our team building activities and country sports. Thoughout the day the teams score points they then trade these in for components for a Final Event of the day, such as a giant egg toss, or rocket launch.
The achievement of all team building events is to give? team members the opportunities to discover more about themselves ,their team and focus all of them to be an efficient teamwork. Besides,the group relation is more fasten with amusement.

  • Ice- breaking
  • Geting acquatant
  • Self motivation and expression activities
  • Getting along with other activities

Teamwork group activities

  • Problems solving
  • Co-ordination and group effort
  • In group Co-ordination
  • Inter-group Co-ordination
  • Differentiate of recognization of other Amusement

The purpose of activities specify the person at three levels(supervisors, co-workers, employee) within organization to work in the same direction towards achieving the corporate strategy.

1. Banana leave horse

The time is running. The farmers would give the news to the group to speed up to the destition by riding an the thai banana leave horse. Each of you must use the individual capacity to rip it and then carry it to the goal.

2.Heavenly battle
After this, the team would face the high and deep mountain but would? not cross through it. Fortunately, the farmers know the matter of helping. The would send your team a rocket to ride across the mountain and to fight with any devils.

3. Scatted mess
The group is in a hurry to reach the goal by broading in a provided boat, bad luck, the boat is slanted. The equipment is fallen into the water. So, all of you must get it back by limitation time.

4. Cured well
The wood chpper needs to be help because he leaves his axe to be faller into the well. So, the team have to help him to get it back by team members must join their hand and stored around the edge of well. Choose one member as a helper to pick the axe up. Caution! Donít allow all part his body touch water in the well by members will be preventor.

5. Safe boat
The celebration will be held after the team helped the farmers successfully. The boat racing will be held so hoe to be the winner. Member must switch to be water and boat. Member who are water must lay on the floor by let the member who acts as a boat to circle over them. Effective teamwork and trust each other is essential.

6. Ad hoc team
Situation?:Thai farmers would be suffer by drought. The team would invent any equipment (few gadgids are provided) to help them for evigation some water into the rice field.

7.Heavenly battle
After this, the team would face the high and deep mountain but would? not cross through it. Fortunately, the farmers know the matter of helping. The would send your team a rocket to ride across the mountain and to fight with any devils.

8. Bring a gun to knife fight
The benefit from the activities An elephant is provided. The team would pass the corn field where is destroyed by a swarm of grasshoppers. The team must help immediately.



Outdoor Team Building Games International style

  • Bridge Build Game
    The team is faced with a collapsed bridge. Some equipment has been washed to the shore and the team must use this to rebuild the bridge and get the whole team safely across.
  • Minefield Crossing Game
    An advance support team has cleared one safe path through a grid of 100 squares. They left a map but troublesome local savages have unfortunately stolen this. The team must work their way across the grid, but the mines are volatile so they cannot speak.
  • Chemical Rescue Game
    After a dangerous chemical spill four containers pose a risk within a contaminated zone. Using a complex system of suspended ropes and pulleys, the team must work together to extract the containers from the zone.
  • Shepherd Game
    One member of the team is elected, either by the team or randomly, to act as shepherd. The objective is to move the team from one pen to another using a whistle. Each member of the team is blindfolded and attached to the others by a piece of string.
  • Spider's Web Game
    The team must pass through a large spider's web without touching the threads, which could wake the sleeping man eating arachnid.
  • Team Ski Game
    Four members of the team stand astride one large set of skis and attempt to complete an obstacle course by moving in unison.
  • Flood Game!
    Worrying news reaches the team of an approaching flood, which will wash away, anything less than four feet from the ground. Using various items the team must build a platform capable of supporting them four feet above the ground.
  • Signal Flash Game
    Tired after a day of challenges the team decides to head home. Their best chance is to attract the attention of a passing airplane and they must build a device capable of transmitting a message by Morse Code using equipment which includes a battery and a tin of sweet corn!



Indoor Teambuilding Games

  • Tribal Troubles Game
    The team's negotiation skills are called upon to facilitate peace between three local warring tribes. The atmosphere is tense, the slightest misunderstanding could lead to a long and bloody war and each team seems to have its own unreasonable demands. Can the team help
  • Team Standard Game
    The team must create a flag or standard with messages about their values, goals or work generally using natural materials from the surrounding area. This is fun and creative and some remarkable insights can be made.

Sitting snugly on the banks of the Krabi River that opens to the Andaman Sea, on the mainland east of Phuket, is Krabi. It is another gem of south Thailand and its latest tourism attraction. With outstanding natural beauty, Krabiís landscape comprises virgin beaches fringed with spectacular limestone formations that tower to the skies, and a shallow coastline dotted with secluded tropical islands, coral reefs and bays. Crystal clear waters and long endless stretches of powdery white sandy beaches literally take your breath away.


Team Building Events

Tired of sitting in a classroom all day? Experience the fun of interactive team activities. Your group will discover how to achieve their objectives by working as a cohesive team through effective communication, planning and leadership.

Laugh and learn as you participate in engaging activities, ranging in length from five minutes to two hours. Exercises are interactive and mentally challenging, but not physically demanding or limiting. Throughout the day participants will discover that the only way to achieve their objective is to work as a cohesive team, utilizing effective communication, planning and leadership.

Team Building Events allow participants to get to know each other better and discover the skills and dynamics needed to achieve success. The activities are certainly exciting outdoors. However, they can easily be shifted indoors in the case of inclement weather.

  • Custom Design
    Our programs strive for the highest quality learning experience and outcome possible. To achieve this, we custom design every workshop, and formulate activities that will best achieve each groupís unique goals. While this approach requires more up front needs assessment, it ensures that every group receives a "fresh" program.
  • Activities
    Participants work with teammates to solve structured problems that require collaboration, communication, and an understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses. Groups then debrief after all activities, an essential means to reflect on the teamwork process and articulate what the team learned. Our experienced facilitators help participants share their experiences and relate them to their work environment.
  • Sequential Training Workshops
    Team buildinThai?workshops follow a sequential process. The completion and mastery of one level contributes to each subsequent level. Each level can be viewed as a selfcontained outcome in itself and/or one phase of a groupís development.
  • Level 1: Goal Setting
    We work with you to establish measurable goals prior to every workshop. These goals lay the groundwork for a "benchmark" experience that can be further developed during future workshops.
  • Level 2: Awareness
    We include awareness activities to assist participants in feeling more comfortable in their group environment and in appreciating the relationship between peers and co-workers. A group also gains a fundamental understanding of current issues within the group through these exercises.
  • Level 3: Trust
    We design trust activities for your particular group to help increase intellectual and professional trust. Trust is an important element of a successful team-essential for a group to excel on a high performance level.
  • Level 4: Cooperative Activities
    Participants develop group cohesion through cooperative activities and gain a sense of accomplishment. We present principles of creative problem-solving, which are reinforced throughout the workshop as participants confront a series of team initiatives. Groups address teamwork methods such as effective brainstorming (listening to all ideas), generating options (looking for the "second right answer"), stacking ideas (saying "yes" rather than "but") and playing "idea volleyball" rather than "idea skeet shoot."
  • Level 5: Group Challenge
    Problem solving activities and metaphors tie a group challenge experience to the employment setting. Cooperation, communication, group decision making, conflict management, trust, and leadership all benefit from this workshop level.
  • Level 6: Extended Challenge
    Extended challenge activities encourage participants to stretch themselves beyond perceived limits by facing challenge in a perceived risk environment, typically through advanced activities such as a high challenge course, rappelling, or a low challenge course. Participants experience an increased sense of competency, risk-taking ability, leadership, and appreciation for the value of group support.
  • Level 7: Transference / Application
    To ensure that your organization attains ongoing results, we structure and implement a follow-up phase after a groupís experience. This is an important step that includes reflection, evaluation, and goal review-all critical for the learning process. This step helps the transference of positive experiences to the workplace and helps minimize the amount of "bounce back" to old habits and behaviors.
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