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Nattha Waree Hot Springs
Resort & Spa
393 Village Section 5, Bangpeung Village, Khokyang Sub-district, Nuaklong District, Krabi

Natthawari Hot Spring Resort and Spa is located at the 13th-14th kilometer on Petchkasem Road (or 990th kilometer on Krabi-Trang Road), Bangpeung village, Khokyang Sub-district, Nuaklong District, Krabi, only 12 kilometers away from Krabi International Airport and 26 kilometers away from Muang District and is very convenient to travel back and forth.

 It is also considered as a location of conservation and health tourism in line with the concept of ‘the nature creates places of outstanding beauty and we are the ones to unveil those places’. Our resort and spa comprises of the following
  • Eight large hot springs; each spring can hold up to 15-100 people at one time with the temperature of 39-49 ?C, and nine small feet soaking hot springs.
  • One cool water pool
  • Two fish therapy pools; each pool has approximate 10,000 of Tilapia Gangster fishes imported from abroad. These fishes enjoy cleaning people’s skin by nibbling dead skin or scab. This therapy is quit relaxing and help stimulate blood circulation. Each fish therapy pool can hold 50 people at a time.
  •  Eighteen private rooms of mineral bathing; each room can hold four people at a time
  • Two rooms of mineral bathing for handicapped.
  • Luxury club house with 12 male and female bathrooms, six restrooms, and 40 lockers.
  • Swiftlet House that is constructed in a two-storey cave-like environment located on a mountain. The first storey is for swiftlets to build their nests and the second storey will be used as a location to sell health boosting drinks and a location to sit down and hang out.
  • Seventy-nine luxury rooms amidst cool and pleasant atmosphere (available at the end of year 2009) with a function room that can hold 80 people in it.

Our resort and spa is situated on a 16-Rai of land with a title deed, surrounded by palm trees and cold and hot water canals. Along the canals are plenty of beautiful natural plants and there is hot water springing up right next to the land which becomes the origin of hot spring canal. The hot mineral water can be found by excavating approximate 24-29 meters deep into the ground. From the excavation, 15 wellsprings were found in which 14 of them was hot water and one was cold water.

Each wellspring, the water can spring up to one to two meter high. The reservation of the land has been done in order to keep its original condition especially palm trees and natural plants. In the evening, you will get to see fireflies and listen to more than 35 species of our local birds’ singings. While in the night, the cicadas will be coming out and singing you lullaby from every direction, and in the morning, the whole areas will be covered with fogs of hot steam. Our lovely 18 Cynomolgus monkeys might be sometime peeking at you from the woods nearby. You might also occasionally get to see flying lizards considered as rare animal flying from trees to trees trying to catch bugs in the afternoon. Throughout the morning until afternoon, you will see tons of swiftlets flying around and that is how the Swiftlet House came from.

All of the above mentioned are the things we have been putting our efforts in order to completely preserve them so you can experience them closely when you are here to receive natural treatment at the mineral water source from underground that we have prepared for the benefit of everyone coming to visit. The underground mineral water here is salty hot spring which can be tremendously utilized and is the best mineral water source in the country.

Price per pax (min 2 pax)
Adult 1400 THB  | Child   1000  THB
  • Round Trip Transfer Hotel - Hot Spring - Hotel
  • Hot Spring (3-4 hrs)
  • Spa fish

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