Pee Hua To Cave


Tham Phi Hua To, a natural attraction with
ancient painting More than a thousand years of prehistoric timesVisit the land of prehistoric paintings, relax in the pure nature of mangrove forest,
lagoon and pass through cave by kayak.

Pee Hua To Cave (Big Skull Devil Cave)- Among prehistoric cave paintings found scatttering on the cliffs and caves of Krabi province, as evidence of human settlements in the area for ten of thousands years, those found within Pee Hua To Cave are regarded the most extensive, about one hundred in total, presumed to date back 2,000 - 3,000 years. the most remarkable frames for all visitors include a human figure wearing top hat, a human being with animal head and horns, wholly painted in red resembling an alien, and two hands imprinted on the cave ceilling , with one hand having 6 fingers. There is also a phoenix - like creature about to take flight. All these pose more quesyions about the traces of human in the prehistoric wall paintings.

History of Phi Hua To Cave

Tham Phi Hua To is located in Than Bok Khorani National Park, Ban Bo Tho, Ao Luek Tai Subdistrict, Ao Luek District, Krabi Province. This cave is an important prehistoric cave. because within the cave there are hundreds of paintings which is presumed to be around 2,000-3,000 years old


Highlights of Phi Hua To Cave

On one of them, there is a famous painting, which is a picture of a person wearing a top hat. similar to a person with the head of an animal or with horns, the picture is painted in red The whole body is like an alien. There is also a picture of two hands grafted on the ceiling of the cave as well. Which one hand has up to 6 fingers, there is also a picture like a phoenix fluttering in flight. and pictures of other animals many more

In total, 23 groups were categorized by site, totaling more than 238 images.

Inside the cave, it will look like a high bay, airy. with air and light There are stalagmites and stalactites inside. Tham Phi Hua To can be divided into 2 booths together with color paintings along the walls of the cave.


The cave is in the mountains of the Tham Lod Tai mountain group. It is a limestone mountain in Phang Nga Bay in the Phuket Mountain Range. The cave is about 10 meters above sea level. The landscape surrounding the cave is mangrove forest. It looks like an inner bay.


It is an airy cave with air and light entering the cave in many directions. the wind blows through There are stalagmites and stalactites inside the cave. It looks like a real cave. The entrance to the cave faces northwest with a slope of about 45 degrees. The front of the cave is fairly wide. The interior is divided into 2 large booths with 2 entrances, both of which can walk through each other. It is spacious and the ceiling is high.

archaeological evidence
human bone fragments found and piles of cockerel shells (Arcidae) piled up on the ground of the cave


Color painting

The paintings appear in both caves accordingly.
The cave walls and ceiling are dotted. Go to a large group of paintings on the southwestern wall of the cave in Booth 2, written continually along the length of the wall.

There are approximately 163 images in total. The figure is the largest number ever found (approximately 40). They come in various sizes, from 15 cm to 95 cm in height, and have a unique way of writing details. at all shows face and hair Decorate your body or have a unique outfit. showing signs of movement and being still

Those paintings were painted in red, red-brown, black and yellow, written in different ways, namely:
Drawing a solid shadow (silhouette), outline drawing (outline) and drawing a outline around the outside. Then decorate or write internal patterns with geometric patterns, lines or colored dots, thus making the picture look
different variety especially portraits It resembles the image of a person according to the imagination of children. which we often see in children's paintings nowadays

Program Details

- Pick you up from your hotel
- Depart by Minivan destination to Bor Thor pier. short break and kayak training.
- Explore by kayak the mangrove ecology, paddling into the sea caves and lagoon, forest and wild life -Back to nature, discovering the ancient cave painting at Phee Hua Toe cave -Return to village for Lunch and Relaxeen and lush nature trail.
-Transfer to your hotel

Duration: 6 hr(s) Half-day

Hotel Transfer, Entrance Fees, Accident Insurance, Life Jacket, Drinking water, Fruit, Lunch and Tour Guide.

Tourist preparation
1.Inform your personal information to our staff especially, about congenital diseases
2. Inform the detail about the amount of tourists (how many adults and children?)
3. Swimming suit
4. Sun block
5. Towel

Reservations required 3 days in advance
Price 2,800 THB per person
(Not handicap accessible)


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