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Kayaking and Snorkeling

Mangrove forest, Bay & Canyon

Ao Thalane & Ko Hong full day

See the sea cave trip intinerary


Program full day trip to Ban Bo Tho

The north part of Krabi province boasts dramatic karst topography and abundance of cave.There may not be another area of the kingdom with so many intriguing caves in such.Close proximity to one another.The first cave you visit.Tham lod.Has a spectacular tunnel through a karst richly adorned with stalactites and stalagmites.The entranceto the passage is overhung by a curtain of jungle vines...

Price :   Full DayAdult 1,700 THB. Children [Under 12 year] 1,300 THB.
Price :  Half Day Adult 1,000 THB. Children [Under 12 years] 800 THB.


The limestone cliffs surrounding the cave are  richly adorned with endemic palms and cycads.Continuing from Thom Lod.It is just a few minutes paddle to "Pee  Hua Tor" the big headed ghost cave.A human skull was found here.That was much larger that normal size-hence the name.

More extensive evidence of ancient occupation can be found in the nearly 100 pictographs adoming the cave's walls and ceiling.Both real and mythological people and animals are depicted in richochre.Yellow and black  picments.

There are also vast numbers of shells in the sedimentary rock and littering the cave floor some of which may be part of middles-the garbage refuse of prehistoric cave dwellers.

Some of the stalactite formations are also of special interested here as trey bend radically towards the light of the main cave entrance.There are actually three openings to this great chamber the highest of which offers an unspoiled view of the mangroves limestone crags and sea that has changed little since the time this was home or a ceremonial site for ancient seafaring people.


Program full day trip to Ban Bo Tho

- 08.00 - 08.30 Pick up from you hotel
- 09.00 Arrive at the pier enter to kayak and enjoy padding through
the mangrove forest and sea cave
- 12.00 Enjoy lunch at Ban Bo Tho Restaurant
- 13.30 Paddle to Thum Pee Hua Toe [famous for its ancient cave
painting ]
- 15.30 Return back to the pier and tranfer back to your hotel

Note :

- 300 Bath extra per person you can share you kayaking with a guide
who will paddle for you.
- The order of the programmed may changebaccording to the tides.


  • Transfers
  • Lunch
  • Fruits
  • Drinking Water
  • Life Jacket
  • Guide&Kayak



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